770A SmartX U-Lock
770A SmartX U-Lock
770A SmartX U-Lock
770A SmartX U-Lock

770A SmartX U 型鎖





通常會在 5 天以上準備就緒

770A SmartX U 型鎖

尺寸: 9, 括號: 無支架

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    1255 Battery Street
    San Francisco CA 94111


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ABUS 770A SmartX 將 Abus 最高安全鎖與 100dB 智慧警報系統和智慧技術結合。鎖定/解鎖透過智慧型手機應用程式執行。


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只需 3 個簡單步驟即可讓您的自行車滾動: 1. 安裝前輪。 2. 安裝車把。 3. 踩上踏板
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300+ 5 星評論

10k+ 快樂

Based on 56 reviews
Bungee strap was priced right and simple change out

I had contacted my local dealer and was told that it would cost $30 to replace a single bungee strap that came with my Brompton rack. I was able to secure a pair for $12.99 from Huckleberry which I believe is posted price on Brompton's website. Even with shipping it was significantly less than local dealer. Unfortunately local dealer may have exclusivity agreement I will check into this.

Mounts easily in treaded screw mount

Will work as intended. These are great as modulating "running lights".

Note: There was a report on how modulating LED lights register will register cognitively versus a non-modulating LED light. Hence, keep this lamp in a modulating mode.

Sprocket Set-BWR- 6 Speed
Mitsukuni Shinohara
E-bike rear sprocket set replacement

All good! :))

works great!

Surly Track Cogs
Lukas van der Walde
Exactly as advertised

Nicely engineered fixed cog. Perfect fit on ~70-year-old British "Airlite" flip-flop hub.

I was skeptical at first about ordering an expensive bike online. The process of purchasing this bike went smoothly. From the time of purchase to arriving at my house was roughly a week. Huckleberry claimed they will assemble, tune, ship with only needing to attach seat, handle bars, and front wheel, also true. The only thing I had to adjust was a little rub from the front brake, fixed that in 2 minutes. Bike is solid, came packaged great and safe.

Good build quality. Nice group set. Comfortable ride.


Smooth transaction.. Huckleberry bikes did an excellent job with making sure the bike was tuned and ready to go... quick shipping and..... great bike !!

Fast delivery and perfect condition.

Delivery was fast and the tire was as advertised. Would order from them again.

The rubber “tire” tends to slip off of the wheel making it difficult to roll. Additionally, after about 9 months I lost one of the wheels.

Excellent bike!

Perfect Replacement

This hook fixes the one I broke by being too rough with my Brompton when it was folded. Works great!

Brompton T-line worth of waiting and the cost

I needed to wait for Brompton T-line for a considerable time. The manufacturer had some issues with delivery. But it was absolutely worth of wait. And Huckleberry Bikes were responding, patiently explaining and helpful.

2023 Unit X
Chris Francois
Winter break, MN

I had a good experience with Huckleberry from pre-sale through the first rides. Sam and staff are responsive and helpful.

The Unit-X is a high-value bike at home on and off road. If you are looking for a modern take on a 90's era rigid MTB, the Unit-X may be for you.

Francis Suhre
Kona Sutra

Bike was received in excellent condition and was easily assembled. Weather is bad so I’ve yet to have an initial ride.

Jekyll Frame

The frame came quickly and was well-packaged. I was a little surprised that the shock was not installed (and is sort of tricky to install due to the locker axels), but everything else met my expectations.

Two Thumbs Up

My husband is very happy with the computer.

I bought these for the rear of the quick rack. They look nice. I had a set of the wide wheels but lost one (loose bolt, my fault) . I prefer these thin ones.
I might get another pair to replace the originals I have in the front

XT PD-M8100 SPD Pedal
Dave Jankowski

Arrived as I expected. Easy install.

New bike is great!

Had plenty of rides on it already. Bike showed up well packed. Not a single nick. Easy to assemble and right away, I was off for a ride. Thanks!

2023 Dew Plus
Sammy H Zerhouane

Friendly service and knowledgeable staff

2023 Dew Deluxe
Timothy Arnold

I have spent literally thousands of dollars buying bicycle parts and accessories online, but I had never purchased a complete bicycle through a website. Admittedly, a was a little apprehensive. I had the bike shipped halfway across the country to a relatives house. I didn't have access to very many tools and I wasn't familiar with any local bike shops. When the box arrived I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't look like it had been bounced across the country on multiple delivery trucks. And once I opened it I was even more surprised at how well it was packaged. Within an hour it was assembled and I was enjoying my inaugural bicycle ride. The pictures I viewed online were probably taken of a medium sized frame, the frame I purchased was an XL. I thought the frame geometry looked a little strange with a larger frame, and I also thought the Tig welds on the gussets looked kind of sloppy. But, I forgot about all of that once I rode the bike. The bike is very comfortable and rides nice. The staff at Huckleberry did a great job of tuning the bike up and adjusting everything prior to shipment. I rode the bike everyday while visiting my family and everything worked perfectly - I made zero adjustments. I didn't realize how much I liked the bike until I arrived back home and rode another bike ( one I purchased only 8 weeks ago for more than double the price). I am satisfied with my full experience with the staff and sales team at Huckleberry Bikes.

2023 Dew Plus
gracie cooley
Pretty Good! Awesome bike!

The bike itself is awesome. Love it so much. Only issue I had was that the bike assembly was a little off when it came in the mail. The part that you attach the handlebars to was put on backwards and I didn’t realized it until an hour of trying to figure out what was wrong. The disk brakes were rubbing slightly once I started riding my bike, and the gears kept slipping. BUT still an awesome bike and I consider these problems minuscule (nothing the neighborhood bike shop can’t fix). Customer service was awesome too.

Great bag, great service!

Great price on this Brompton bag from Huckleberry. Great bag for daily Brompton use!

Super fast West Coast ship and awesome price on the items I was looking for. Nice follow up customer service as well.