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The Sutra is many things. It’s functional. It’s stylish. It’s incredibly
versatile, and it comes ready for the long haul on the bike tour of
your dreams. Our Kona Cromoly steel frame is outfitted with a Brooks
saddle and matching microfiber bar tape, integrated shifter/brake
levers, proper fenders, and a real Tubus Tara Big Apple low-rider front
rack. It’s a modern take on the classic touring bike. It’s a grocery
getter that’s easy on the eyes. It’s the feeling of steel across
pavement that reminds you why you love turning the cranks on long rides.
Just like its name suggests it’s the perfect guide for your every ride.


What happens when you join the 10k+ happy Huckleberry Customers

order your bike

When your order your bike on our site, it notifies us at the shop.
Day 1

We'll build it and put it in a box

After you place your order, we'll build your bike – so you don't have to. Derailleurs, brakes, and every bolt is adjusted properly. From there, it's time to ship.
Day 2

Your new bike arrives at your door

We ship new bikes 95% assembled. 
It takes 3 simple steps to get your bike rolling: 1. Mount the front wheel. 2. Attach the handlebars. 3. Put on the pedals
Day 4-9


It's time to get rolling. You have a new bike to ride.
Day 9, 10, 11, 12, 13... every day.

Customer Reviews

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Francis Suhre
Kona Sutra

Bike was received in excellent condition and was easily assembled. Weather is bad so I’ve yet to have an initial ride.