World's Smoothest Cannondale Dealer, Period.

If you are looking for a Cannondale, come on down to Huckleberry town. We are the number one, premier, omg!, smoothest, newest, and doobiest Cannondale dealer in the world. Maybe you’ve heard of us? We beat the dildo museum on the list of coolest new businesses is San Francisco. Smooothest. Cannondale. Dealer.

(Hopefully the more I use the word Cannondale the more likely the search engine algorithms will favor us. I’m doing this for you, so that you don’t waste your time by going to some other bike shop that is soon having a much-publicized sale but that no longer deals Cannondale bicycles.)

On to our lovely bikes. It is still 2012, still summer even, but we are approaching the 2013 season.  That means two things — 2011/2012 models are going on sale and 2013 models are slowly trickling in. Now is the best time to buy a road bike, period.

Each new year brings in new color schemes, new techy gizmos, new theories about torsional stiffness, new new new new. New. For most of us, though, these little changes are not enough to justify passing up ridiculous savings on the remaining stash of previous years’ models. So here they are, our current stock of uber-sale floor models just for you:

2012 Cannondale Synapse Women’s Carbon with SRAM Apex. Was $2100, now $1500. OMG!

This is it. Make no mistake about it. This bike is is so smooth, Kenny Loggins would be jealous. The Synapse is the perfect all-day road bike. Cannondale’s Synapse line was designed for the recreational rider who wants a bit more of an upright riding posture; but it performs so well that the professionals ride this bike for some of the one-day classic races! Gorgeous blue/white/black paint scheme. Time to get on your first carbon road bike — nothing compares.

2012 Synapse Alloy 5 with Shimano 105. Was $1350, now $1200.

Now we’re sharing the same dream. The Cannondale Synapse was my first proper road bike–and now our hearts can beat as one.  No more love on the run when you ride this bike.  Whether you are taking a quick spin out to the Billy Ocean or an all-day ride up  the coast, this is the tiger you want to tame.

2012 Cannondale Supersix 5 with Shimano 105. Was $2300, now $1950.

Runnin’ hot, runnin’ cold, runnin’ into overload.  It was extreme. Need a new attitude?  Cannondale’s SuperSix will give you one.  The SuperSix is the clear winner of 2012 — total domination in professional cycling all year long.  A full-carbon racing bike with Shimano 105, for under $2,000.  If that doesn’t tidy up your point of view, I don’t know what will. You’ll be feeling good from your helmet to your shoes.


2012 Cannondale Supersix 3 with Shimano Ultegra. Was $3200, now $2600.

Ride like the wind, ‘cuz you’ve got such a long way to go! Whether you are heading for the border of Mexico or racing in a crit, don’t get cross; get Christopher Cross and ride like the wind on a Carbon SuperSix equipped with Shimano Ultegra.

2013 Cannondale CAAD10 5 with Shimanbo 105. $1550. Available now!

But wait! We have a sneak peak of Cannondale’s 2013 CAAD10 on the floor. But… are you Michael Mann enough for Cannondale’s 2013 CAAD10 5 with Shimano 105? $1550. Two color schemes: Crocket and Tubbs. This is lightweight aluminum at its finest.  A race-quality bike with a wide range of price points. The CAAD series is known universe-wide as the aluminum road bike that outperforms far more expensive carbon competitors.

Come in and test ride any of our lovely bikes from Cannondale today!  If we don’t have it on our floor, but it is available from Cannondale, we’ll order it up for you. We are your Huckleberry!