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I was thinking the other day that we sure do seem to sell a lot of bikes to women. Women's road bikes especially. I wondered, "why?" Do we sell so many women's road bikes because we have Fabio running the cash register? [caption id="attachment_4272" align="alignleft" width="600"]Do you have any Questions? "Do you have any Questions?"[/caption] Is it like that weird movie with Mel Gibson? You know, the one where he can hear what women are thinking. what-women-want-mel-gibson Is it because we always have some hot jams playing on the Hi Fi? Hall_Oates_Program Is it because our favorite color is purple? Purple-Rain-10 It occurred to me that we do have a pretty great selection of women's road bikes. Huckleberry Bicycles has great bikes for women (and men too--don't worry dudes, this blog post is for the ladies, but we totally have you covered too). From $800 on up. Really the sky is the limit, so don't be shy if you want something really nice. It's not just the road bikes either. We also have great touring, city, and hybrid bikes for women. I've listed just a few of the options below. If I actually listed all of the women's road bikes we stock, you might not ever get to the end of this blog post. Cannondale Supersix Evo Women's The Cannondale Supersix Evo Women's series is a fine example. We stock two models currently, the Supersix Evo Women's 4 with Shimano Ultegra, and the Supersix Evo Women's 6 with Shimano 105. These women's performance road bikes are fast and furious. And they ride super smooth. The Supersix Evo just has really well-balanced ride quality and performance characteristics. It's what the pros on Cannondale's pro cycling team race on. [caption id="attachment_4294" align="alignleft" width="600"]The Supersix Evo Women's.  White is the new white.  The Supersix Evo Women's. White is the new white.[/caption] Cannondale Synapse Carbon Women's.. Crush meets plush. Cannondale took all the great performance and ride quality features of their stage racing bike and combinded them with some new ideas to create the ultimate classics bike. The new Synapse is an amazingly smooth bike with excellent performance. The geometry is a little more comfy and stable than the Supersix Evo. Right now we have the Cannondale Synapse Women's Carbon 5 with Shimano 105. This model was voted road bike of the year by Cycling Plus a British cycling mag. Watch the video. [caption id="attachment_4280" align="alignleft" width="600"]The Cannondale Synapse Women's Carbon 105 comes in a nice Grandaddy Purps colorway The Cannondale Synapse Women's Carbon 105 comes in a nice Grandaddy Purps colorway[/caption] Synapse alloy women's. The more affordable aluminum version of the Synapse got all the same updates to geometry and ride quality. So if you're not looking to break the bank-- or you're just getting your first road bike-- we can get you set up with a smooth-riding women's road bike. [caption id="attachment_4281" align="alignleft" width="600"]The Synapse Alloy women's 5 has Shimano 105 parts, and is only $1350.  And it looks pretty hot in those jeans. The Synapse Alloy women's 5 has Shimano 105 parts, and is only $1350. And it looks pretty hot in those jeans.[/caption] That's a lot of options from Cannondale. Really, our great selection of Cannondale's women's road bikes is just one of the things that makes Huckleberry the smoothest Cannondale Dealer ever. Liv/Giant Avail. Giant makes some amazing women's road bikes. As the worlds largest bike manufacturer, Giant has dedicated so much energy to making bikes for women. They've even started a women's brand, Liv. Liv is run by a woman, and they design and manufacture some of the best fitting and riding women's bikes. The Avail is their women's road platform, and we stock several models. The Liv/Giant Avail is so good. It's good enough for Marianne Vos to go out and win pretty much every bike race and break every record out there. If it's good enough for all that, then well you know it must be pretty good. And it's another reason why our smoothness knows no bounds. We're on our way to becoming the smoothest Giant dealer in the Universe. [caption id="attachment_4291" align="alignleft" width="600"]Marianne Vos.  She's the best. Marianne Vos. She's the best, and she rides a Giant.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4319" align="alignleft" width="600"]Giant Avail Composite.  Another great women's road bike.  Giant Avail Composite. Another great women's road bike we stock at Huckleberry.[/caption] All City A couple of models from All City, the Mr. Pink and the Spacehorse, are pretty popular with our female customers We've covered these bikes in another post. Click Here to read all about it. Really, they're just great bikes because they fit a lot of our customers' needs--women and men alike. [caption id="attachment_4236" align="alignleft" width="600"]The Mr. Pink.  It's bluetiful. The Mr. Pink. It's bluetiful.[/caption] It's all about you... Women come in all shapes and sizes and tastes. So really, all the bikes we stock are good candidates for a lady out doing some bike shopping. We have friendly customer service and a warm atmosphere to shop in. No attitude--we're Huckleberries! So if you're thinking about looking for a new bike, come on down to Huckleberry town. We're your Huckleberry. [caption id="attachment_4276" align="alignleft" width="600"]TLC knows you don't want no scrubs, so do we. TLC knows you don't want no scrubs, so do we.[/caption]