We Stock Cervelo

cervelo r5 2019

We are excited to announce that we are now an official Cervelo dealer! It has been a long time since we've stocked a bike that is competitive with Cannondale's road lineup. We think Cervelo is just the ticket to keep things as smooth as can be around here. After all, it's Canadian, just like Rick Moranis, who once played Michael McDonald in tribute skit. You an scroll all the way down if you want to skip all this Cervelo stuff and just see Rick Moranis.That's fine.

In the meantime, Cervelo is a small and innovative brand that keeps things simple. No mountain bikes, no urban bikes, just road bikes. They use computational fluid dynamics to design their bikes. I don't know what that means, but it sounds smooth.

Let's talk about their models. Made for the roadies, the R-series is the most popular model. Cervelo does three basic versions, with choices of colors and brake types (rim or disc). These bikes are stiff, fast, and lightweight.

Cervelo also makes and endurance road frame, the C-Series. The C-series is for your all-day riding, ie it's the bike with tire clearance.

For the TT and Triathlon folks out there, Cervelo is known to make one of the best tri bikes on the market. The P- and PX-Series bikes look as fast as they ride.

Cervelo also, of course, has their Aero bike, the S-series, which was recently redesigned. It seems aero road is making a comeback these days, but Cervelo has always innovated in aerodynamic design. Let me say it again, computational fluid dynamics folks. They test their bikes in a secret military facility with a wind tunnel in San Diego. Not fake news.

I can't wait to get out and ride one of their 2019 models. We will be slowing bringing in their bikes, with the most popular models first. We want you to try these bikes and use them to find your dream rig. You can shop the entire collection here.