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We recently had an Ashton Kutcher sighting here in the mid-market neighborhood of San Francisco, and for some reason it got me thinking about how "dude, sweet" our technical apparel selection is. It's easy to get punk'd when you put on the lycra cycling shorts. From Plum Smugglers to MAMILs, those of us who dare don lycra are targets for those afraid to strut their stuff. My favorite jibe thrown my way came from a group of teenage girls driving along Lake Shore Drive who screamed "nice manpris" and giggled away. They're called knee-warmers you little brats! Whatever. I was kicking ass that day on a smooth Cannondale Synapse, and Mom always told me that when people make fun of you, it's because they are jealous. After all, they should be jealous--because any man or woman in poor to average shape willing to wear skin-tight sports apparel whilst riding a ridiculously fast road bike is a brave soul. If you ask me people should enjoy every moment of lycra wearing. Think of it like you are putting on a superhero costume. Kind of like cosplay without the lightsabers. balloons-mario-kart If you have the bike but don't have the lycra, all I can really say is to just go for it. When you get on that nice road bike, you should not be without your technical apparel. Here in Huckleberry town, we sell both--bikes AND apparel. That's just what we do. We have a huge collection of cycling apparel that you won't find anywhere else. We also have the best dressing room and the best collection of nintendo games west of the Mississippi. O and have I mentioned yet, we are putting all of our technical apparel ON SALE to get you started right this season. Let's be clear what I mean by technical apparel. I'm talking about short- and long-sleeve jerseys, shorts, knickers, bibs, warmers (arm, knee, leg), wind shells, jackets, rain shells, overshoes, and capes. Basically the stuff that you already know you love. I'd personally wear technical apparel all day every day if I could. O wait, I work at a bike shop so I guess I can. Either way, everybody loves the guy who rides to the office in lycra, right!? Let's be honest, so-called "lifestyle" is just for the feint of heart. Why shouldn't you wear tight shorts up the elevator, down the hall, and right into you crappy office chair? You already wear you golf clothes to work, on fridays at least. So, to get you ready for the spring, here is just a small sampling of our collection from Castelli, Giordana, and Cannondale: Castelli = zoom and done. The best of the best in cycling apparel is Castelli. They have been around forever. Sizes tend to run a bit small in Castelli, but hey you look great in a size small! We carry a large selection of Castelli's tech apparel. And Castelli knows all about riding in spring. nanoflex

Best part about these bibs--other than the price--they no longer say Nanoflex on the side.

confronto This women's Castelli Confronto jacket is bling!

This girl liked her Castelli gear so much that she documented it with an old-fashioned selfie. You know why she likes Castelli so much? Because the shorts don't give her "sausage thighs." That's also why I wear Castelli. Giordana is another great cycling apparel brand with a thirty-year history. They are definitely one of the better-known names in cycling apparel. They even sponsor a team, and look how psyched these ladies are to be wearing Giordana lycra! giordana women team From Giordana, we stock a tops and bottoms from their Fusion and Silverline lines of apparel. All on sale! Last but not least, the World's Smoothest Cannondale Dealer, that's us, carries Cannondale technical apparel. We tend to prefer the more subtle designs, aka blacks and greys. But with Cannondale there is always a little green mixed in for visibility. CANNONDALE-Jacke-MORPHIS-JACKET-2014

Check out this Cannondale Morphis Jacket -- the sleeves come off for vest action.

As the picture at the top of this post will attest, we have a LOT more technical apparel than I can list here. It is time to get your tights on and start getting ready for the riding season. This time do it right!