Updates // Sweet Bikes

No more Scuffling, Eh!! Another year is coming to a close. The colder weather is settling in. Hot toddies are suddenly the new drink (say goodbye to the artisanal fruit-infused ice cubes). And every restaurant is showing off a Fall menu. Cherish the scarce daylight, folks. Seize the weekend. It's not all bad. We made it through another boozy Halloween. We made it through the BART strikes. And we'll make it through Dungeness Crab season. Just don't eat crab stew in a bread bowl at Fisherman's Wharf. Through it all, Huckleberry Bicycles still has your back. That's right. And to boot, the World's Smoothest Cannondale Dealer is now even smoother with a brand new Ed Lee-approved expanded storefront, more bikes, more clothes, and the same totally uncompromising service without the bike snobbery. We are your Huckleberries, and, OMG, if you will, please check out some of our sweetest, smoothest bikes that could be yours for the holidays. Yeah this is what we have at our store -- you need to test ride something and do it now!

2013 Cannondale SuperSix EVO with Shimano Di2. Now $3500.

Super Six EVO SM Ultegra Di2 We still have a few EVOs from 2013, including these Di2 models, and they are priced to move in with you and take over your life.

2014 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105. $2100.

2014 synapse Well would you look at that? The world's best all-day, high-performance road bike has a brand new design! Yes, the 2014 Synapse is going to blow your mind, and we have a whole bunch of these gems.

Giant TCR Composite with Shimanot 105. $1850

TCR_Composite_2_compact_v1_black-1 We aren't ones to brag around here, but if I forgot to mention already... the worlds' smoothest Cannondale Dealer is also now the world's smoothest Giant Dealer. Yeah, we went there. The biggest bike brand in the world, GIANT, makes some of the best bikes on the market today. The Giant TCR is one of those bikes. Hard to beat the price for a bike like this, fully equipped with a Shimano 105 group. Lovely.

Pinarello Rokh Ultegra. $3750

pinarello-rokh-think2-white-black It doesn't get better than Pinarello. This year we are stocking the new Rokh and the new Marvel in Ultegra. Both bikes are beautifully designed with Pinarello's asymmetric stylings. One of the best around, without a doubt.

MASI Gran Criterium. $2070

Masi-Gran-Criterium Yeah, well we don't just stock carbon and aluminum. Not at all. Steel bikes continue to better and better. And the Masi Gran Criterium is a steel road bike that is simply stocked top to bottom out of the box with smooth. A modern lugged frame with Shimano 105? Yeah it exists and we have a size run of 'em.

Salsa Vaya. $1450 - $2000.

salsa vaya 3 2014 Have a hankering for that multi-day bike trip with all of your buddies? The Salsa Vaya is hands-down the best option for long rides, loaded with gear and beer. No more bar-end shifters on these babies -- all integration from here to eternity. That was just a taste of the bikes that we have in stock. Don't forget to check out our bikes from Surly, Handsome, Brompton, Civia, All City, and Felt. We hope to see you at the shop soon!