The Port Of Oakland


Every Tuesday night for the past 12 years cyclists from all over the Bay Area gather at the Port of Oakland (POO) to test their speed, endurance and who has the freshest legs.

No spectators, no sponsors, no points and no finish line.

The POO Ride has become a favorite among local amateurs and pro’s alike to build their racing skills or just keep their legs fresh for the season. The Criterium style ride travels a 2.4mile loop around The Port Of Oakland, with little to no traffic and plenty of train tracks to keep it interesting. This allows riders to push the pace with an average of 25mph+ and plenty of space to break away.

Although this is a faster paced training ride, all cyclist are welcome (as long as you are willing to work with the group). Unlike some faster paced training rides in the Bay Area, The POO Riders are very friendly, vocal about conditions in the road and give feedback with personal progress. There is a great sense of community within the group that you don’t find in many competitive environments. If you are looking for a fast paced, competitive but always fun ride, roll out!

The Port Of Oakland Ride takes place every Tuesday afternoon, Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, Oakland.

Starts at 5:30pm then ramps up at 6:00pm and can last up to an hour and a half.

Port Of Oakland - Strava Segment


 The Cal Cyling Team breaks up the field.



Comparing notes.





Three major train tracks to maneuver.


In early July local cyclist Phil Roberts (above) was in an accident at The POO ride.

He suffered a broken tibea, fibea, a few ribs and heart contusion. The riders at the POO worked together to get him in an ambulance and to the hospital. Friends, family and POO rider community came together to create a GoFundMe page and raised over $16,000 for his medical bills (in just two weeks). He is expected a full recovery and back on the bike for next season. A reminder of how vulnerable we are on the bicycle.





Pro Cyclist Katie Hall - Team UnitedHealthcare





Jimbei Suzuki - The Mayor

Roughly 14 years ago, after some nasty legal issues, the local weekly crit scene was shut down in Oakland. The original ride started at Lake Merrit by Jimbei Suzuki, he put the word out and slowly people began to show up but soon realized he had to find a safer place to ride. It was suggested by his teamates to check out the Port.

'12 years ago I moved the ride down to the port and The "POO Ride" was born. I never imagined it would turn into the giant weekly hammer fest it has become. I'm beyond pleased with the fact that the port police, truckers & train operators have never complained once. We are truly blessed to have this ride with no permits, ample parking & a great course. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the POO ride is still rolling for many years to come.'

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BBQ after the 4th of July weekend.


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Photos Courtesy of :

Johnny Galvan Creative

Pamela Palma Photography

Jimbei Suzuki