The Modern E-Bike

The technology behind E-bikes has made leaps and bounds over the last handful of years. Changing what it means to ride an E-bike, who rides them, and why.

With seamless, subtle, and silent electronics combined with the beauty of an elegant bicycle design, E-bikes have taken on a class of their own. Designed from the ground up these bikes are no longer bicycles with a motor mounted to them. They are a complete system. They are beautiful. They offer freedom. . . and they are kind of magical

The Swiss driving experience

The Stromer ST2X is the new boss in our Ebike line-up. With a 100 mile range and unparalleled power, this bike is truly limitless. Stromer bikes dawn a robust operating system and a clean, easy digital readout. A connected mobile app offers incredible control over this bikes electronic settings along with the ability to lock the bike and track it if it were to go missing. This bikes industrial / urban design impresses and inspires.

Raise your expectations

San Francisco based Faraday Bicycles are the makers of the most elegant, seamless, and probably one of the lightest Ebikes on the market.  While most E-bikes look like a spaceship or a bike with a vacuum cleaner stuck to it, people often do not realize a Faraday is an E-bike until told so.  One of the most beautiful bikes of any genre and one of the most beautifully riding. Attention to detail is a pillar of Faraday’s philosophy.

Power up your bike

Have a bike you’d like to add some juice to? Want to keep it clean and sharp but need to flatten out those Bay Area hills? Superpedestrian offers the Copenhagen Wheel. Add this wheel to almost any bike and give yourself some wings.

All of these options and more are available now at our San Francisco and Berkeley locations or on our webstore. Contact us with inquiries and musings, to schedule a demo for an overnight test-ride, or to just tell us what you think.