The Cykel Scramble


The 2016  Cykel Scramble

The Huckleberry Racing Team rolled out in full force at The 2016 Cykel Scramble.

One mountain bike, a few ramps, sandbags, lots of coffee and a few crashes. We prevailed and took 2nd Place in the Toasters Category! A killer race course and an amazing group of riders make this one of the best events of the season.


ABC_6486_25851 ABC_6494_25859 ABC_6498_25863 ABC_6499_25864 ABC_6502_25867 ABC_6523_25888 This Team Saves Lives hanging with Huck Racing ABC_6550_25915 ABC_6576_25941 ABC_6590_25955 Crashes were a Plenty! ABC_6608_25973 ABC_6619_25984 ABC_6628_25993 ABC_6632_25997 ABC_6665_26030 ABC_6724_26089 ABC_6730_26095 ABC_6734_26099 ABC_6736_26101 ABC_6772_26137 ABC_6782_26147 ABC_6825_26189 Each race started with a Wheel Barrel to level the playing fieldABC_6843_26207 ABC_6886_26250 ABC_6888_26252 ABC_6895_26259 ABC_6909_26273 ABC_6917_26281 14485011_10209758567334981_6167903640203279066_n Miles took a spill but bounced back in no time14444784_10154385808830552_8477399786743516139_o We won a sweet trophy and a bottle of champagne