The 2016 SF Tweed Ride ~ Photo Journal

Once a year a fabulous tradition visits our city; the most appropriate of settings. Charming fellows dawn their bowler hats, dynamic damsels pin up their hair, and everyone grabs their bikes.

SF Tweed Ride 2016 The SF Tweed Ride, a casually-paced gallivant through the City, has a uniquely welcoming quality that can be rare to come by in this bustling metropolis. Since its inception The SF Tweed Ride grows in attendance year after year. The organizers , Melinda and Charlie host more like close friends than ride leaders, and the hospitable nature of this ride makes one wish it came around more than once a year. This was our first year riding the SF Tweed Ride and its easy to say we will be back again. Enjoy some photos of the ride by our own Johnny Galvan ~ ABC_1152_30702ABC_1275_30825ABC_1273_30823 ABC_1272_30822 ABC_1270_30820 ABC_1269_30819 ABC_1256_30806 ABC_1253_30803 ABC_1249_30799 ABC_1239_30789 ABC_1224_30774 ABC_1219_30769 ABC_1213_30763 ABC_1211_30761 ABC_1210_30760 ABC_1204_30754 ABC_1198_30748 ABC_1193_30743 ABC_1188_30738 ABC_1177_30727 ABC_1172_30722 ABC_1169_30719 ABC_1165_30715 ABC_1161_30711 ABC_1158_30708 ABC_1157_30707 ABC_1548_31098 ABC_1622_31172 ABC_1613_31163 ABC_1609_31159 ABC_1603_31153 ABC_1599_31149 ABC_1590_31140 ABC_1588_31138 ABC_1587_31137 ABC_1580_31130 ABC_1576_31126 ABC_1554_31104 ABC_1325_30875 ABC_1323_30873 ABC_1322_30872 ABC_1318_30868 ABC_1301_30851 ABC_1297_30847   ABC_1291_30841 ABC_1290_30840 ABC_1284_30834 ABC_1277_30827 SF Tweed Lapel Pin The SF Tweed Lapel Pin. Limited supply still available at Huckleberry.   Find more about SF Tweed on their fb page. Find out more about our group rides and other miscellaneous debris by joining our newsletter: [wd_contact_form id="4"]