Swobo City Ride // Aug 9

swobo 4X4 event handout-page-0 Saturday, August 9. Party starts at 5:00pm, ride starts at 6:00pm. Our buddies at Swobo, makers of kick-ass bicycles, are coming out to SF to party with you. So we are going to assist in making such a party happen. They have two requirements for said party: bike riding and beer drinking, and they are not messing around. The details: Party starts at 5pm, the ride takes off at 6. This ride consists of 3 checkpoints hosted by our friends at DZR, Revolights, and Boombotix. Each checkpoint will have thirst quenching “beverages†and we may get a little slappy. Prizes are to be had along the ride, and a token from each checkpoint might land you some shwag back at the shop, so stay sharp-ish.