Surly // Touring Bikes

14291_221385107993897_1463837237_n We've always had Surly bikes on the floor. Long Haul Truckers and Cross Checks are no-brainer, awesome bikes at an awesome price. But we've also sold a few Trolls, Ogres, Pacers, and Big Dummies as well. The whole lineup of Surly bikes is just spot-on and has been for a long time. This year we've stocked up on the regulars again. But, in addition to the Cross Checks and Truckers, we grabbed a couple of Surly's new Disc Truckers as well. It's just a Long Haul Trucker with disc brakes (duh) and it looks like this: disctrucker If you are wondering why Surly now makes a disc-brake version of the Trucker, the disc brakes essentially provide better stopping power when your bike is loaded and/or in wet conditions. There are a couple of different kinds of disc-brakes out there and Surly chose the higher-end Avid BB7 setup. Yes! At $1500, it is a bit more than the standard Trucker, but worth every penny. Between the Surlies, the Salsa Vaya, the Salsa Fargo, and the All-City Space Horse, we have a ridiculous selection of touring bikes. And while we've been all stoked out on the new All-City bikes, I don't want to forget the classic, tried-and-true touring bikes that Surly makes. I mean, check out the Greg and Matty on their Long Haul Truckers in Vietnam:

800_224588937673514_2115346660_n Just two dudes looking for a Bud Light Lime.

If you thinking about getting off the grid for a bit, going bike camping, and generally treating yourself to the best that life has to offer -- get on a Surly. We have a bunch of them at the shop for you to throw a leg over. And, of course, we have all the trimmings for your tour as well -- Ortlieb panniers, front/rear racks, Brooks saddles, and more.