SuperPro # 2 - Vallejo

There is nothing like a night race in the Bay...

Saturday was a tough, fast course with plenty of beer, corners, rocks and heckling to go around, and not to forget the extra challenge once the sun went down. The Racers and Spectators alike brought a great vibe that you only get in the Bar Area. If you're Cross-Curious, The SuperPro Series is a great place to get started!

Event promoters offered a “Women’s Empowerment Option†for their afternoon/evening races that encourages racers to bring a first-time woman racer to try cyclocross racing for free. It was great seeing so many women racers at the start lines in an otherwise male dominated sport.

UPDATE: The First Time Racers is still in effect for the Vallejo Race #3

Saturday's Results



Laura - Viva La Tarte Chugs a beer while she swaps tires


Jessica Culane - Vive La Tarte takes 1st Elite Womens



Ryan Rinn - Viva La Tarte takes first in the Men's SS field

ABC_1821 ABC_1815

Jesse - Huckleberry Racing


Miles - Huckleberry Racing

ABC_1812 ABC_1797 ABC_1794 ABC_1792 ABC_1791 ABC_1787 ABC_1854

Heckle Hill was the best entertainment we've had in a while..