Summer Specials on Felt Bikes

[slideshow][/slideshow] My current road bike is an F-Series Felt. I've had it for several months and I am loving it. After riding a Cannondale Synapse for a while, I finally decided to try my legs on a racier rig. And although I haven't been able to put in as many miles on my Felt (yet!) it's without question the fastest bike I've ever owned. The thing about Felt is that they make great bikes in all categories. They have a strong sense of what is quality and what is crap. To some they are known for BMX, to others they are known for their simple, elegant single-speed bikes. In Katie's case, they make a great 3-speed basket bike.  But to those who have followed Felt over the past several years, Felt is synonymous with road bikes, especially of the aerodynamic variety. They cut their teeth making some of the fastest time trial bikes and continue to push the envelope in that category. Today, Felt makes a couple of distinct series of road bikes that appeal to different riders and different riding styles. The F-series, the style that I'm currently on, is what they call in the industry a "performance" bike. I like to think of it as the "hurts so good" bike because you go so freaking fast on it that you forget about the various discomforts of riding a bike. Felt's Z-series is the "endurance" bike, or what I think of as the "hurts a bit less" bike. Still fast, still super light weight, still super techie-doo'd out, but your spine might not hurt as bad after riding 200 miles. In addition to killing it on the tech side of things, Felt does one of the most important things well--their paint schemes are spot on. Admit it, you want a bike that looks good, and Felt bikes look great. Felt somehow seems to nail it every year with their color and logo designs.  They can pull off some nice aggressive paint jobs but then know when to hold back. And with that, I present to you our model-year-end deals on felt road bikes. These are some awesome deals on road bikes that are still available on our sales floor. But remember, if you don't see the Felt you are looking for, please call us. We may be able to pass along some savings on other close-out Felt models that we don't have in stock.  

2012 Felt F75 with Shimano 105. Was $1400, now $1150. Insane!

One more reason to consider an aluminum road bike over a pricier carbon bike: the F75.  So sick, so sweet, and so fair on the eyes that right now you should already be saying, "Boom and Done."  The F75 is the same frame geometry as the carbon F-series bike at a much more palatable price tag--and it still comes with Shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs!  I know that I am biased because I'm riding an F-series, but for this price, if you are looking to finally put on some lycra and join your friends on those 20-30 mile rides, the Felt F75 is the bike.

2011 Felt Z6 Carbon. Was $1700, Now $1400.

I didn't like orange bikes until I saw this one.  The Z6 is simply a great carbon frame bike at a great price. Thanks Felt! Although not equipped with a full Shimano 105 group, it does come with 105 derailleurs.  We only have 2 left...

2012 Felt ZW5 Women's Carbon with Shimano 105. Was $2300, Now $1900.

I love the finish on this bike, it is gorgeous. I think Felt calls the color "Jade" or something, but who knows... The digital reproduction really doesn't do this bike justice -- to my eyes, and I've been reading a lot of Game of Thrones lately, it looks like it is made out of fine dragon scales. (I'm going to get teased a lot for that.) Anyway, Felt's ZW series is their women's specific, all-day ride bike, and this one is a full-carbon frame with a complete Shimano 105 set-up. (Shimano 105 is one step below Gucci and two steps below Prada on the componentry scale.) For most riders who are looking for the best balance of value, durability, and quality, 105 is the place to be.

2012 Felt F4130 with 11-speed Campagnola Athena. Was $3000, Now $2450.

What can I even say about this one? The F4130 is the hands-down purrrtiest road bike on our floor. It is classic, yes, but don't be fooled. The only thing old-school about this bike is the way it looks. Yeah the frame is steel, but the fork is carbon and with that sloping top-tube, the geometry is a bit more relaxed than your old Schwinn Paramount. Yumm. And while your Paramount may have been equipped with Campy, this bike comes with current Campy 11-speed. O wait, did I mention that it has eyelets for mounting a rear rack? Boom! Connected. You could definitely do some credit-card touring on this thing.

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