Stolen Bike Finder

Our friends at, the same dudes that brought you this, recently launched a stolen bike finder as part of their new project, Racklove. If your bike is stolen in San Francisco and the thief is selling it in Los Angeles, now you have a way to find it. If they’ve stripped the bike down to its frame and are trying to auction it off, you can find it too. You can search on the site or set an alert and we’ll notify when bikes matching the description pop up. Once you find it, you can contact local police to figure out how to get it back. We built this stolen bike finder because we want to make it really hard for criminals to sell stolen bikes online. It boils our blood that it’s so easy to sell stolen bikes. It’s unconscionable that the major “classified†and “auction†sites allow this. As bike lovers, we don’t want to buy and sell bikes where thieves are cashing in. That’s just kind of perverse, right? Very perverse, yes. We hear about a lot of bike theft at the shop and so we have an amazing selection of locky-doos.  I highly recommend you secure your bike with a U-lock and some sort of wheel lock.  That should keep you from having to browse the Stolen Bike Finder. In the meantime, you can read the rest of the article (quoted above) about how the Finder works here.