Spring Training Sale


Cannondale is helping you get on your bike this spring season with a strong start to the model year.

They have reduced prices on some bikes to get you on the road faster and training sooner. The Spring Training Sale starts now!

Model                                                               Regular             Sale

SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Dura-Ace    $7,990.00      $6,791.50

Supersix EVO Red                                  $3,940.00      $2,999.99

Synapse Carbon Ultegra 4                  $2,660.00      $1,999.99

Synapse Carbon Tiagra                        $1,840.00      $1,399.99

Synapse Carbon Tiagra Women's    $1,840.00      $1,399.99

CAADX Ultegra                                       $2,130.00       $1,799.99

Quick 4                                                       $705.00          $599.99 

These are just a few bike that are on sale, check out the full list below: Full Bike List