Spot Brand is a family owned bicycle company located in the Colorado Rockies with a history of innovation and an unwavering commitment to top-level engineering and design. Spot’s imaginative spirit and attention to detail has paid off, they make some of our favorites for Commuters and City Bikes.

They have a new price for all of their bikes, take a peek at what we have in stock and swing by to check out what Spot has to offer!


WAZEE - Streamlined Steel, City Style

The city bike for discerning cyclists who desire the classic road-feel and confident handling of a refined steel frame, combined with the ultimate urban drivetrain.

WAS:  $2,400

NOW: $2300



CHAMPA - Like a Classic Gray Suit

It features the same streamlined steel frame as the Wazee but with a more reserved demeanor thanks to its warm and elegant metallic graphite finish.

WAS:  $2,000

NOW: $1800



ACME - The Joy of High Performance

The Acme is lighter and faster than most city bikes, which means you get to work on time with ease. It features the most advanced, reliable—and clean--drivetrain on the market: a sealed 11 speed shifter mated to a smooth and strong belt drive.

WAS:  $2,300

NOW: $2,100



AJAX - An Urban Ninja

Wired bestowed the Ajax with a Gear of the Year award and called it their “favorite urban velocipede we tested this year;†lofty praise from the oracles of innovation

WAS:  $1,800

NOW: $1,700