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I'll admit that I often ride my bike in boat shoes, but don't do what I do. Get some proper shoes for biking. Wether you are commuting, racing, or mountain biking, you really can't bike safely and efficiently without proper shoes.

Nowadays, bike shoes come in a two different basic categories, which I'll call "performance" and "lifestyle."

In the performance category we stock two of the smoothest brands around, Sidi and Giro.

Sidi Dominator 5, Men's and Women's.

Sidi Genius 5, Men's and Women's

Giro Men's

Giro Apeckx
Giro Treble
Giro Carbide
Giro Privateer

Giro Reva
Giro Riela
Giro Manta
Giro Sante
Giro Solara


DZR Ovis
DZR Tosca
DZR Concubine
DZR Black Dice
DZR Jetlag Nero
DZR Minna
DZR Jetlag

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