Shop Ride Saturdays!

Aside from all the other great perks of working at Huckleberry (free grease! test-riding the Pinarellos! that new sandwich place nearby!), my fave so far is leading our shop ride every Saturday. You should really join us. We're calling it the Huckleberry Ramble.

Meeting every Saturday at Duboce Park Cafe at 7:50am and rolling out by 8am, we usually head north over the bridge and into the lovely hills of Marin County, attack some hills and/or coffee, and wrap things up by 11:45am back at the shop. No real requirements aside from a road bike in good shape, plus a willingness to laugh and eat pastries and haul ass where applicable. About that: generally, the pace is a lively one but not too competitive. We won't leave anybody behind, but, hey, I do need to get back to the shop on time! Rides end up being about 35 miles. 35 miles OF AWESOME.

One chilly Saturday a few weeks back, for our inaugural Ramble, I got to try out my latest perk--a fall/winter weight jersey from Cedar Cycling, run by our like-minded kinsmen across the Bay. This is some high-class workmanship. It's got a good stiff zipper for one-handed thermoregulation, and even though I'm technically allergic to merino wool, I never felt itchy, just super-toasty and comfortable. I've worn it three times now without needing to wash, and no funky aftereffects to report. I think. Expect to see them in the shop mid-November. In the meantime, as our Indian summer rambles on, check out the lighter-weight Cedar Cycling jerseys and base layers we've got in the shop. Mmmmmm, ramblin'.