Salsa Casserolls - Two Left!

[slideshow][/slideshow] UPDATE: We just found two more Salsa Casserolls, one in a size 53cm and the other in a size 56cm. As the post below from last year explains, the Casseroll was one of our most popular bikes. It is a wonderful light touring bike that Salsa discontinued. We picked up the All-City Spacehorse as a replacement, and it has proven to be a winner. But the Salsa Casseroll was a shop favorite and we've got two fresh ones ready to roll. The price is $1200 -- a great deal for a great bike. Come check one out today! One of the most popular bikes at the shop this year has been Salsa's light-touring bike, the Casseroll. Like all of Salsa's offerings, it is an adventure bike. The adventure here is touring, which in San Francisco is that trip you take from the Panhandle to the Financial District in the morning -- also known as commuting. This is a smart bike. It has intelligence. It was born with eyelets for mounting any accessory you could imagine, more eyelets for more water bottles, a matching front rack, and clearance for big tires and fenders.  Seriously, though, it is a very friendly steel touring rig that for bike camping, randonneuring, and commuting. Unfortunately, Salsa has decided not to continue the Casseroll into 2013. Boo! When we found out, we grabbed as many remaining Casserolls as we could to make sure that the we all had one final chance at getting on one of these dreams. We have about 10 Casserolls left in stock and we don't expect them to last very long. The smaller frame sizes had dried up, but we managed to grab some in 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, and 60cm.  (We are now out of 54cm Casserolls.) You can read more about the Salsa Casseroll here.  Come on by and test ride one today!