Product Review ~ Search and State Womens Junmai Jersey

Like a fine rice wine ~ The Junmai Jersey ~ Simple Styles for #babesthatcrush

Do you hate the skinsuit tight, race cut style jerseys, but also dislike the unkempt feel of a club fit? Is pink not your colour? Do you actively avoid being "branded"?

The new Women's Search and State jerseys are for you.

This New York based company does an "American" cut; not too tight, not too loose; being a race style cut without the skinsuit feel. The bands around the arms are simple, more like a T shirt which keeps this jersey feeling casual. They keep the silicone where it belongs, down on the bottom of the jersey so it doesn't slip upward when you're mashing that huge descent in the drops. Even the zippers are super robust. Every piece is made in midtown Manhattan, ensuring quality control of the really luxurious hand of the fabric; keeping the synthetic light and airy; without feeling flimsy.

And ladies.. these pockets are HUGE! None of these tiny lipstick pockets that I've found on other women's jerseys. Just because we are smaller doesn't mean we need to carry any less stuff; we work just as hard, off and on the bike.

Did I mention the best part? They are available in flat colors -black, white, grey- with the LEAST amount of branding; AND the awesome Limited Edition S1-A Junmai print jersey. Simple, elegant, and not the least bit boring. And available at your favorite Huckleberry Store (we have two!). Don't worry dudes, there's stuff in there for you too.

Women's jerseys don't have to suck; get'em before they are gone, this Junmai Jersey is going out of print!

S1-A Riding Jersey Women's Junmai Print

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