Pre-Order a 2013 Brompton

[slideshow][/slideshow] Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us to put in our first order of the latest and greatest Brompton folding bicycles. So, for those of you looking to get on a made-to-order Brompton this year, now is the time to commit.  Unlike the rest of the bicycle industry, Brompton does not have a warehouse full of fresh new bicycles from which we can select all year long. Rather, we receive Bromptons in shipment windows throughout the year. That means that if you don't get pre-order your Brompton before we place the order for our first shipment of bikes, you'll have to either choose one of the floor models we stock or wait several months for the next window to get your custom Brompton. So order yours now! We are giving you from now until January 19th to place an order for your 2013 Brompton. We will include your specifications as one of the bikes in our first shipment, which means that your Brompton will arrive with the first shipment of 2013 bikes. Yes! If you don't know already, Bromptons are the world's greatest folding bike. Seriously. Stylish, practical, and British -- what more could you ask for? You can create your very own custom Brompton, from paint scheme to gears, tires, saddle, handlebar type, and on and on. The end result is your very own personal traveling machine. The 2013 models come with a number of upgrades since last year increasing the smooth-osity of your Brompton: - New crankset with a 130-BCD compatible chainring. - Toolkit attached to bike, hidden inside tubing. See it to believe it. - New waterbottle mount that goes behind the handlebars. - New double-walled rims - New aluminimum brake levers adjustable for your hand size. And every year, Brompton offers a few paint colors for free. This year those colors are: black, white, cobalt blue, and orange. So here is how this works. There is no online Brompton-ordering system that we are aware of. So we will be happy to wlk you through the process of creating your Brompton. Give us a call at 415-484-6575 or e-mail us at We will walk you through the process of ordering a custom Brompton, and you will be among the first this year to practice the fold with your 2013 Brompton! In the meantime, check out this smooth bonus video -- the Brompton factory in London: