Plan Ludicrous Confusion

Huckleberry Bicycles would like to thank Mike's "Schmike's" Bikes  for tipping us off to the hottest new marketing strategy in town: URL redirects!  If you like Schmike's as much as we do, you can link to their Web site here: -- o wait, what?! That domain name looks an awful lot like the Huckleberry Bicycles Web site. The only thing missing is the s at the end of bicycles.  Gee, that is so CONFUSING! It almost seems like an intentional attempt to confuse people. I wonder if that is fair? Or even legal? Well, you know what they say, if you can't beat 'em join em. So we're taking a page from Schmike's book on marketing.  It's time to launch plan Ludicrous Confusion.  That's the plan where we, like Schmike's, register some sweet confusing Web URLs that redirect people to our Web site. We carefully selected some easy-to-confuse domain names to fool Schmike's customers into shopping at Huckleberry.  Here they are: Yup. Those hard-earned dollars that you've been forkin' over to Huckleberry Bicycles will be put to GREAT use!  Soon we'll be buying up all of these beauties and redirecting visitors to the one-and-only  So..  See you at Schmike's!   err.. i mean... Huckleberry!