Pinarello // 2014 Models Here

Chris Froome It's February and we've only had a taste of the road-riding season, but it looks like it is going to be a great year for Pinarello once again. Tour-de-France winner Chris Froome of Team Sky just won the 2014 Tour of Oman (again) on a Pinarello. Now we may not all have the power output or low body fat of a Chris Froome, but that doesn't mean we can't all ride Pinarellos. So before Spring has fully sprung, I think it is time to talk about why you should be considering a Pinarello this year. pinarello marvel 2

2014 Pinarello Marvel with Shimano Ultegra. $3750

Pinarello is a premium, no-compromise brand. It is a truly beautiful bike to behold. There is no mistaking a Pinarello on the road -- the curved fork blades generally are a dead give away. But behind the beauty of a Pinarello frame is a philosophical and technological innovation that guides the design: asymmetry. Quite simply, Pinarello takes the idea that because the forces applied to a bicycles while riding are not symmetrical, the bike itself should reflect that asymmetry. So the frames that Pinarello designs are asymmetrical to maximize the efficiency of a rider and decrease the amount of flex in a frame that is generated by pedaling. The Pinarello Marvel, pictured above, is new this year. It incorporates some of the best that Pinarello has to offer. Like their ultra-premium Dogma frame, the Marvel frame incorporate their Think2 system, which means that although the bike is equipped with mechanical shifting, it is perfectly adaptable to electronic-shifting. If you look closely at the front end of the bike, the Marvel also incorporates Pinarello's new ONDA 2 fork system. The typical space between the frame and the fork is eliminated, making the fork more rigid and the front-end more aerodynamic. The Marvel is a bike that can perform well for all types of road rides, but it is definitely competition ready.

pinarello-rokh-think2-white-black 2014 Pinarello Rokh with Shimano Ultegra. $3750.

The Pinarello Rokh, picture above, is an incredible comfortable bike, perfect for granfondos and long walks on the beach. Just kidding, well kidding about the walks on the beach part. The Rokh is for someone who wants the uncompromising quality of a Dogma frame, but without all the aggression. This year, Pinarello made a few updates to an already well-loved bike: the Rokh now incorporates the Think2 system and a PressFIT 30 bottom bracket.

pinarello razha k 2014 Pinarello Razha K with Shimano 105. $2550.

The Pinarello Razha, is Pinarello's foray into what we call "entry-level" carbon bikes. Hah! There is nothing entry-level about the Razha. It lives up to all of Pinarello's demanding standards for bicycle frames. We selected for the sales floor the Razha K version of this bike -- the K in the name means that the bike has a longer wheelbase than the typical Razha or other similar Pinarello frames. Simply, a longer wheelbase allows for a smoother ride because the bike is able to absorb more of the shocks with somewhat slacker tube angles. We stock Pinarello because we love these bikes, we love their heritage, and we love their technology. Like any other bike we have in the store, you can come on down to Huckleberry Town and test ride a Pinarello. Who knows, maybe a Marvel is what you need to take it to the next level this season. Come by, call, or e-mail us at the shop and we'll get you set up on a Pinarello!