PEdALED // Cycling Fashion

[slideshow][/slideshow] Introducing the newest entry into the growing world of lifestyle cycling apparel, Japan's PEdALED. Clothing designer Hideto Suzuki worked for one of Japan’s best-known fashion brands before ditching the corporate world to build log cabins. After his tenth house, he launched PEdALED, using cycling-specific patterns and engineering meant for absolute breathability, comfort, and clean but classic lines. Think of a log cabin for your body. Most of the garments--thick-cut jeans, dress shirts, parkas, vests--are made in either Japan or Italy, with workmanship to match. Pretty much the only synthetic material here is the reflective accents at key areas. Hemp, linen, cotton, and felted wool never felt so good--especially on a bike. Natural fabrics such as hemp, linen, and organic cotton form the basis of PEdALED clothing, even sometimes reusing old clothes and pre-used textiles. Synthetic materials are kept to an absolute minimum. Meticulously created in Japan, from design to manufacture, PEdALED garments are tailored to encourage the riding position for comfort both on and off the bicycle. Ventilation, reflective details, and other useful features are finished with the integrity demanded by the high-end fashion client. - We saw this brand when we first starting putting together ideas for the cycling apparel we were going to stock at the shop. The Web site was entirely in Japanese at that time, and so we didn't really pursue the clothing line. It wasn't until legendary saddle makers Brooks England became affiliated with PEdALED--capitalizing it (money, not punctuation)--that carrying PEdALED became an option. The collection is so inspiring that French wrote a Haiku: O, you high-end cloth Spun on some fancy loom Can I wear just you? Seriously, this stuff is tops. We highly recommend you stop by the shop and try on some PEdALED clothes. You will not find these amazing duds in any other bike shop around. But if you can't make it in, our collection of PEdALED clothes is available to you in our online shop.