Outlaw Cross Dress Photos


They said Cross is coming ...

We had no idea this is what they meant.

Cyclocross season is officially upon us and we couldn't be more excited. Cyclo-cross is a mix between road and mountain biking but with an attitude all its own.  Local DFL Team is responsible for the Outlaw Cross Dress CX Series, although these races are on the down-low and not heavily promoted, there is a huge turn out for every single race (Registration is free if you dress in drag). The weekly Outlaw Race is unsanctioned and considered a warm up to the 'Real' Cyclocross season which takes place during the winter months.

We caught up with Pamela Palma, avid cyclists and local photographer who's been photographing since the late 80's. She's been shooting the Outlaw Series since 2007, 'Documenting is what I do, and it was natural process for me to shoot the series'. The most exciting part of the CX season is the amount of fun and camaraderie you find between the racers and spectators, Pamela captures this beautifully in her portraits. We enjoyed her photos so much we thought we'd share some of them with you...

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All Photos by Pamela Palma Photography

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