Our Retail Store is Open (By Appointment!)

Our Retail Store is Open (By Appointment!)

Hi Huckleberries!

It has been a wild few months in and out of the shop. I want to thank you all for turning a tough situation into a great one -- everyone wants to get a bike these days, yes!  We are seeing so many people getting their first bike in years, and we are incredibly proud to help you all.

I want to update you all on our plan and policies moving forward because a lot of people are asking how we intend to function.

The shelter-in-place order forced us to make some tough decisions about how we operate.  Ultimately we realized that by operating by appointment only we were actually able to provide the best (smoothest) service to everyone.  So we intend to continue that policy indefinitely.  We also are well aware that we need to provide the safest environment for our team and for our customers, given the continuing uncertainties with Covid-19. So appointments allow us to control the number of people at the store and maintain physical distance.

Therefore, moving forward, our store will operate by appointment only. Yes, for everything. Even for a helmet. Or a tube.  And certainly for service.  We do not provide walk-in repairs. There will be some times when, yes, we can let you in unannounced.  But please do not count on it.

We encourage everyone to use our Online Store to place orders.  But please feel free to call us and ask about actual inventory levels on products.

At the end of the day, we are able to serve you best when we are not distracted by other demands.  And given the ongoing challenges of the neighborhood in which we operate, we are not equipped to handle the uncertainty of what is going to come through our doors at any given moment.

So please e-mail us or call us whether you are looking for service, need to shop for something, need to try a bike, or need to pickup/dropoff something. Otherwise, please use our online store for all of your shopping needs!

Thank you all for your support and understanding!