On A Mission Recap


Day 1 - Carmel By the Sea to Fort Hunter Liggett

The idea was simple, ride from the coast to Mission San Antonio De Padua, explore Indians Road and take photographs of the experience.

The Day 1 route was set to Mission San Antonio de Padua with a short lunch break in Arroyo Seco. What started off in Carmel with a cold overcast, we didn't anticipate the heat once we reached the bottom of the Carmel Valley. It quickly turned into a 90+ degree ride with short punchy climbs. After the last dreadful miles into the Campground we met up with Zack (support), we took a few moments to collect ourselves and cool off in the river.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.39.28 AM


Johnny Rides a Cannondale Slate


Erik is outfitted with a Salsa Marrakesh



Our next leg of the ride us though the central valley. The temperatures dropped and the terrain flattened out. We took our time to enjoy the scenery. We rolled through small vineyards, industrial farm land and slowly rolled into King City.




Junk food rest stop


The ride was extended due to road closures into FHL. We later found out there was live fire testing on the base. We finally met up with Zack and rolled into our campsite. After the long day on the saddle we unwound with whiskey and and got some much needed rest.

Day 2 - Ponderosa Campground to Mission San Antonio De Padua

Zack joined us on the ride into San Antonio de Padua. We took our time to enjoy the wildlife, dried grassland scenery and birding along the way. The Mission located just outside of the military barracks preserved its tranquility and history.


Johnny's hammock set up for the weekend.

ABC_2696_19210 ABC_2744_19258

We stumbled upon one of the Tactical Training Facility on Fort Hunter Liggett.


ABC_2783_19297 ABC_2695_19209


The Mission was founded July 14, 1771. largely restored by W.R. Hearst and the Franciscans between 1948 and 1952. The extensive restoration and unspoiled setting makes makes this one of the most picturesque missions in California.

ABC_2910_19424 ABC_2998_19512

Zack shows off his hand made 7'6", 3-weight, carbon bike-packing fly rod with custom hardwood handle. Newton Golden River silk line. Low-end Powell reel.

ABC_3009_19523 ABC_3030_19544 ABC_3064_19578

We took the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

Day 3 - Ponderosa Campground to Arroyo Seco

We started early to avoid the heat climbing into Indians Road. The first part of the morning was easy enough, low temps and flat roads. As soon as we exited the FHL lands the heat picked up and the climbs started.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.50.15 AM ABC_3141_19655 ABC_3176_19690 ABC_3190_19704 ABC_3206_19720 ABC_3263_19777 ABC_3221_19735

The road has been unused for over 10 years due to multiple rockslides. The plants and cacti were overgrown and made it difficult to ride through in some areas. We reached the top of Indians Road and were rewarded with amazing downhill single track.

ABC_3266_19780 ABC_3313_19827

We had to stop and carry our bikes over the mess of rocks.


Just like the first day, the route itself was not incredibly difficult but the heat made every climb so much more demanding. The temps were in the mid 90's as we made it back to the Arroyo Seco. Zack was waiting for us with food and water in hand. We took a few moments to collect ourselves, rehydrate and unpack our gear. Once we settled down, we took the afternoon to enjoy ourselves in the river. The cold water was the best book end to our hot ride.

 Photos by Johnny Galvan & Erik Mathey


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