New Years Resolutions: Cycling is the key to sticking with it.


The best way to turn your New Years fitness resolution into a reality, while having a ton of fun. A look at our favorite group rides and cycling clubs, and how they can help you achieve your health and fitness  goals.

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Throw preconceptions of working out to the wind and have a blast. The formula for success; the ultimate exercise hack has been around for 150 years and it is cycling. The bicycle, a most brilliant machine, reigns supreme in its ability to firm up your ass while having a blast. Making for a routine that you will stick to, and quite possibly transform from a regiment to a passion, and then it’s all gravy from there.

Tools and tactics:

Ya got a bike? You’re set! Though a new shiny set of wheels won’t not encourage you to ride more. . . just sayin’.

Pro Tip: Use a bike that is appropriate for the riding you are going to do. You don't want to use a wrench to hammer in a nail. 

If you are already active but want to be more so, get a road bike and lay down some miles. If you live here in the Bay Area, you have some of the most epic road riding in the world within riding distance of your home. Within a handful of rides you will be up to speed and able to ride from home to the furthest summit you can see. There is nothing like looking back at your neighborhood from miles away and knowing you got that distance by nothing more than your own legs and fortitude. The sense of accomplishment far exceeds that of a run, and the actual effort feels more like an adventure.

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Like to get dirty? Mountain bikes have been all the jam for a while now, but more of an all-rounder bike like a Cyclocross bike or an Adventure bike that can handle road and dirt is the machine of choice as of late. Start your ride on the road, but go ahead and take that fire-road or trail that peels off to the right. Your sense of discovery will peak and then there is no turning back.  You’re hooked and no longer are you working out. . . Your riding.

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Pro Tip: Don’t join a gym (yuck!), join a cycling club or group ride.

There is nothing like a passionate group of like-minded people to keep you on your A-game. Especially when everyone in the group is looking to have some fun and not just suffer. Though you may suffer a little bit. . . as you should.

The Ramble

Here are some of our favorite local clubs and group rides –


The Sunday Scramble:  A sport-paced road ride of 30-45 miles, led by your buddies here at Huckleberry.  Meet up at our Berkeley location at 8a every Sunday, roll out around 8:30.  Exceptions for holidays and awful weather. First Sundays of the month this ride is taken over by The Ramble.

The Ramble: Hosted by Huckleberry Bicycles and led by the Vive La Tarte CX team, this twice monthly ride is always mixed-terrain (dirt and road) and always a great group of riders. Food and coffee provided by Vive La Tarte. 1st Sundays out of our Berkeley location and 3rd Saturdays out of our San Francisco location. This ride is fast, and a little off-road skill is advised.

Two Tickets to Paradise: 1st Sundays out of the Huckleberry Bicycles SF location, this ride is led by Huckleberry Racing team member Michael Seretan. A medium-slow to medium paced road ride around the famed Paradise Loop in Tiburon. Great for those who are new to the sport and beloved by experienced riders. Meet at 8a, leave at 8:30.

The Stammtisch Ride: During the longer days of the year (after daylight savings) this ride meets at Rapha every Thursday at 5:30p and rolls at 6p. It’s two hours long and lands at the Biergarten in Hayes Valley at 8p. Route varies, usually includes a stint of dirt, and is announced at the ride.

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San Francisco Cycling Club – The largest and most established road cycling club in the area, the SFCC covers the spectrum of riders from truly beginners and to Cat-1 and Pro racers. You are sure to find the support and encouragement you need at any level and the gentle pat on the butt you need to keep going.

Rapha Cycling Club – It’s hard to match the class of the RCC. Damn, they all look so good. Join this group of trendsetting, single bean roast loving, fashionistas for a stellar calendar of rides through and around the Bay and beyond.

Golden Gate Tri Club – Need to mix it up with some running and swimming? The GGTC is like a big, loving bear that will hug you all the way to the finish line. They host a great calendar of rides and stellar events that make for more of a family than a club. And they’ll be sure to kick your butt too.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition - If you are new to riding a bike or interested in getting more comfortable riding through the city, the SFBC Urban Riding Workshop and Adult Learn To Ride a Bike Clinic are the ticket. By joining you will also be playing your part in making the streets of San Francisco safer and easier to ride.

Bike East Bay - The largest bike advocacy group in the East Bay brings you Urban Riding 101 and other courses to get you comfortable hitting the pavement. Join and you will be supporting the greater good for all cyclists.

Whether you go it alone, head out with some friends, or hook up with one of these group rides or clubs you will be more likely to keep it up than any heart-rate raising activity you can take up otherwise.

Cycling is just like, well, riding a bike. It’s very approachable and again, it’s fun. The sometimes-difficult parts can be the technical side of things. The type of bike you should ride, the tools and gear, what to wear. We can help you with that. That part is what we do. You ride the bike.

Contact us below or come on by if you want to check out some possibilities. We’ll make it easy for you.

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