Merckx EMX-1 // Closeout

merckx-emx1-2 We still have ONE Eddy Merckx EMX-1 bike left at the shop. For too long this totally ridiculously beautiful road bike has sat on our racks. I guess sometimes even the cutest puppies don't find homes. When that happens, they go on sale. And this puppy is on sale, big time! eddy-merckx-emx1-105-carbon-2012-road-bike Let me just say a few words about this bike. IT IS CARBON. IT IS SHIMANO 105 LEVEL. IT IS 55CM. IT SAYS MERCKX ON IT. IT WAS $2700. IT IS NOW $1995. I can barely contain myself here. A carbon bike with 105 from a niche company like Eddy Merckx is a rare thing. So if you are looking for a road bike, but you don't want the same one that your friend rides, look no further. Don't compromise -- you need to test ride this amazing frame before someone else takes this puppy home. Call us at 415-484-6575 or email info@huckleberrybicycles or come on down and check it out in person. Shipping is available for this model!