Manhattan Portage // Bags

We are pleased to now represent a well-known name in the bag industry: Manhattan Portage. I've personally owned a Manhattan Portage bag for years, and when we started speaking with the brand a short while back, I was hoping that we could find room for them in our shops. We finally have. If you don't know about Manhattan Portage, suffice it to say that they have been around for over 30 years, weathering every trend in the industry and setting a few trends as well. Whether or not it is true that they are the "original" messenger bag I don't know. What is true is that they are some of the best built bags on the planet. Manhattan Portage is not a Johnny-come-lately to the bag scene; and we have seen our share of bag manufacturers over the years. We currently have in our stores a smattering of bags like these. 5209BL_BLK_ANGLE The Harbor. $275 1 The Skillman. $125 2211BL_NVY_ANGLE The North End. $149