Levi's Commuter Collection

[slideshow][/slideshow] Now in the shop, just in time for the holidays, more cowbell: Levi's 511 Commuter pants and the Levi's Trucker jacket.  These were the only things our band was missing. Now we are one step closer to entering the hall of smooth. As many of you may know by now, the biggest name in pants, Levi's, recently developed a line of pants and jackets for bicycle commuter.  After an unusual marketing blitz that included several wild launch parties, like this one in Austin, the planets aligned enough for Levi's and Huckleberry to sit down together.  We love the clothes, but mostly we just didn't want to be left out of any more wet denim parties. Like all of Levi's clothes, the commuter pants and jackets are built to last, and best of all they are affordable. The pants are $78.00 and the Trucker Jacket is $128.00. Currently Levi's offers the their commuter pants in a 511 "skinny" style (but there are more styles in the works).  Although they are called a "skinny" pant they aren't that skinny. Cadence jeans, now those are skinny. Semantics aside, these are some killer pants. Like most of the other bike-commuter pants, the 511s incorporate stretch fabric, a reinforced seat, reflective doohickies, and so on. On our floor now we have the standard blue denim pants along with the black and khaki options. We also have the green trucker jacket, which is cut for cycling and looks amazing. Here are some more images and specs from Levi's (lot's of big trademarked words that must mean they are awesome pants): In other words, the pants do everything.  You don't even need to wear deodorant anymore. And this is how they fit:     See, not skinny pants at all.  Just normal, for toothpicky-legged guys like me. But the best part about the collection is the very strange video that goes along with the pants. So here it is, introducing the Levi's commuter bike pant green-screen youtube weirdo video infomercial:   Come try on a pair in our lovely dressing room. You can even sit down in these pants and play a quick game of nintendo. Did I mention that we now have Bionic Commando?