Huckleberry in Velojoy!

Susi from Velojoy recently stopped by the shop, took a few pictures, and wrote a very flattering article about our shop. Thanks so much Susi! Here is a snippet from the article: Imagine a bike shop with a wallpapered dressing room that’s decently lit and hung with a large mirror. Where there’s a spacious bench in the open service area for you to put your stuff down and check your smartphone while waiting for your flat to be fixed. Where clothing for women and men is a hung by collection on wooden hangers for easy perusal. That’s Huckleberry Bicycles, a full-service shop (above) geared toward urban cyclists in San Francisco that I visited last week on a 10-day swing through California and Nevada. Opened last November, Huckleberry is an example of a new-generation bike shop that provides the type of merchandising and customer service that most of us take for granted in our everyday shopping experiences, say, at the Gap or J. Crew. Read the rest of the article at Velojoy.