Huckleberry at SF Bike Expo

Someone asked us the other day, "Is this a bike shop or is this a clothing store?" Good question. If you haven't noticed what he noticed, we have a lot of apparel at our shop. We are, in fact, crammed and jammed full of Cadence, Castelli, SWRVE, Giordana, Nona Varnado, PedalED, BetaBrand, and coming soon, Levi's! To show off our stuff, this weekend, November 10th and 11th, we will be hosting a booth at the 2012 SF Bike Expo along with our friends at Civia Cycles. And of course, we will be sponsoring this year's Pedal Savvy Fashion Show. Hunky dudes and lovely ladies will be sporting our duds for you to check out in action. It will look sorta like this: We would love for you to check out our booth and the fashion show -- two shows actually -- at 1:00pm on Nov. 10th and 11th at the Cow Palace. At our booth we will have a TON of stuff for sale--clothing, bags, saddles, and more--all of it will be heavily discounted. Time for us to get a few things off the floor, so we hope you find something that you like. On the 10th, after the Fashion Show, we will be hosting a 7-mile ride back to our shop for a post-party, pre-party. Please bring your Bike Expo ticket stubs or other proof of attendance so that we know you aren't just wondering in off the street for some free booze. From 6:00 - 9:00 we will have food and drinks until the real party starts, this one: This is going to be a really fun event and we are psyched to be hosting a cocktail hour at the shop. See you all this weekend!