Holiday Sale // Thru Dec 31

Huckleberry Bicycles Nov Just look at that warm shop glow. Those aren't special effects, that's the heat of a holiday sale getting started. Come in from the cold, open your ears to the sounds of Phil Spector's Christmas album, and check out these savings! 20% off all Apparel (select Apparel up to 40% off) 20% off Bags 25% off Shoes (select DZR Shoes 40% off) 10% off Bikes (select Bike Closeouts up to 40% off) OMG. Even bikes are on sale, people! Tell everyone! We have the best selection of bikes you could possibly ask for, so don't waste your time, don't stall, don't dilly-dally, get yer butt on a bike. Here we go. IMG_4223edit_sm

Perhaps a Salsa Vaya?


Perhaps a Giant TCR?

brompton banner full size

Perhaps maybe even just one little baby Brompton?

Or maybe a sweet bikes isn't right for this holiday season. It could be the year for that backpack or bike-friendly purse. We've got 'em. pickwicks

Check out these new colors for the lovely Brooks Pickwick.


Is that the Chrome bag you've looking for but couldn't find for the camouflage?

But maybe even a bag isn't what you are looking for. Maybe you want to dapper up your man or woman with some new clothes. Or maybe you want to give yourself the gift of dapper. pedaled-urban-jacket

Consider PedalEd. They kinda make the nicest jacket ever...


How about these new ladies' biking pants from Iladora?

Try a little Giro New Road BBHD vest.


Or maybe get crazy with some Levi's.

OF course nothing says loving like a pair of shoes. DZR frontpage

We always have a great selection of DZR shoes for commuting or touring.

chrome trukLook at the cleats on those Chrome shoes in front of our shop! But that is certainly not all. I can only begin to list all of the great things we stock up at Huckleberry Town. Here are a few more images to get you going. brooks pant strap cambium hats brooks display