Handsome Cycles // Yes

The folks at Handsome Cycles make lovely bikes and they have a lovely shop in Minnesota--where it looks like they sell pants. Good for them. A sweet bike and some dapper pants make for a handsome combination. They also let dealers like us stock their bikes on our sales floor for folks out here. I feel a little more trustworthy about a bike coming from a company that understands what it means to be a bike shop. Handsome bikes are right in the sweet zone. Upright-style bikes with a little classic steel aesthetic. The frames are spaced to allow for fenders and have eyelets for mounting racks--that's how it should be. The frames are suitable for many types of drivetrain set-ups, from single speeds to internally geared set-ups and derailleur style. photo-10

The profile of a gentleman.


The swoopy-doop handlebar is the way to go for riding 'round town. Seriously.


Mandatory mustachery.


Tire clearance and a chainguard.

We stock the Devil... handsome devil ...and the She-Devil... HandsomeCycles_SheDevil Both sell for $1200 and both come with some mustache-y logos, but if you aren't really feelin' it, you can put your own logos on the bike. That's kind of the best part.