Freitag // Cuz its Friday

Truck-till-bag-09_CMYK Freitag: A Swiss bag maker with a German name (Freitag means Friday in German). It makes me wonder what the classic movie Friday would have been like if it were a German film, starring Michael Fassbender, Heidi Klum, and that guy from Beverly Hills Cop II. "No, Smokey, I actually can't get high cuz it's Friday and I have a job." Jah, that would have been a very different movie. But I digress. We love re-using, recycling, and re-interpreting anything here at the shop. Indeed, ask someone here about the Great Mall of Jameriqua and be prepared for a surreal explanation of the greatest retail experience ever re-imagined. It's a land where Fisherman's Wharf is a Star Trek themed restaurant called Fisherman Worf's, serving Enter-fries of course. As they say in real estate and retail, location is everything. That is why the Great Mall of Jameriqua is located in the North Atlantic Gyre -- that's right, trash island. Because with all that raw plastic material, what better to do than build a plastic mall. It's called recycling. Which brings me back to Freitag. freitag factory Freitag bags are handmade using recycled truck liners. It sounds strange and a little gimmicky at first, but when you actually see Freitag bags, you realize just how incredibly nice they are. It's amazing how lovely a truck liner re-interpreted can be. Freitag bags are, I hate to say it, sort of the pinnacle of shabby chic. Look at some of the bags that Freitag has produced. freitag10-2008 F13-Top-Cat-01_CMYK Freitag-F302-Roy-Office-Bag-01-Boxheader Inside those beautiful shells are some impressive functional features that you'd expect in a bag these days: inner pockets, laptop sleeves, hidden pockets, and so on. freitag-donna freitag2 These guys are crushing it! Each Freitag bag is unique. Shopping for the right Frietag bag is an experience in and of itself. At the shop we now have a full display and collection of bags from Freitag -- messenger bags, backpacks, tool rolls, wallets, so many beauties! photo 1 photo 2 So as always, don't let weather on the streets keep you from comin' down to Huckleberry Town and picking up a Freitag bag for you or a loved one!