Faraday Cortland // Wow

image Boom. They are here and they are beautiful. The new Faraday Cortland. The nicest-looking electric-assist bike just got a little nicest-looking-er. Does that make sense? I don't know, but the new Faraday Cortland is seriously even more beautiful than its predecessor. Here is a little fact for ya folks: The electric bike market is the fastest-growing segment of the bike industry right now. Why? Because if you get on a bike like the Faraday, you will smile like a little kid. These bikes are so darn fun it should be illegal. Faradays and other e-bikes are changing people's lives, allowing many to finally live the dream of biking for daily transportation. Let's face it, there are a lot of obstacles to biking for daily utility purposes: hills, sweat, time, physical limitations, and so on. The Faraday can overcome all of those obstacles. Cortland-2 As like last year, Faraday is offering this bike in two versions. The internally geared version is $3500, and the "S" model Cortland with the external shifting is $2500. Both bikes ride better than any other electric-assist bike out there! See our original review of the Faraday here. And if you'd like to join us on a ride up Twin Peaks on one just click here. We sell these bikes at our stores in San Francisco and Berkeley. We have demo models that customers can reserve for and take the bike out for an overnight date, kind of like in The Bachelor. It is important to point out that, like many bikes these days, Faradays are sold online directly from Faraday. BUT, you should definitely buy the Faraday through one of our shops. Why? The price of the Faraday is the same no matter where you purchase it. The difference is, when you buy your Faraday from us, you receive a free year of tune-ups on the bike and we generally will be your point of contact for any technical or warranty issues that come up. Call us or send us an email to inquire about the Faraday!