Event Rides // Event Bikes!

event ride cropped The rain clouds are gone. At least they were until this morning... But the cycling season has commenced, and total consciousness has been achieved. So let's get riding. One of the best ways to get into cycling, meet new people, and just feel good is to join an event ride. Some of you joined us recently for the informational sessions we held here with Aids LifeCycle and Waves to Wine--two of the coolest organized rides in the area. Many thanks to the attendees -- don't forget to sign up! To get you going on an event ride, you'll need the right bike and the right gear. We've got you covered. Best part -- if you sign up for a ride like Aids LifeCycles or Waves to Wine, we'll take 10% off of your new bike. So take 10% off of the retail prices below. You'd be losing money if you didn't sign up and buy a new bike. So here is a short list of a few bikes that we think you'll look great riding for your event ride this year. 2014 cannondale synapse carbon 5

Cannondale Carbon Synapse 5. $2100

One of the favorites for the all-day riding requirements of an event ride, the Cannondale Synapse is one of your best options. Avail_Composite_2_compact

Liv/Giant Avail Composite 2. $1850

For the ladies, Liv/Giant (which is the dedicated women's division of Giant Bicycles) makes a great model called the Avail. mr-pink-bk-blue-BK1330

All-City Mr. Pink. $1950

For those of you who want a little more classic looking bike, maybe prefer the durability, longevity, and ride quality of steel, the All-City Mr. Pink fits the bill nicely. This is a beautiful bicycle. Modeled after the classic Bridgstone bikes of the 70s and 80s, the Mr. Pink hits the mark perfectly. All the comfort and performance of bikes from that era are combined with a modern drivetrain. And if you like a little wider tire and clearance for fenders, this may be the right bike for you. pinarello-rokh-think2-white-black

Pinarello Rokh with Ultegra. $3750

And then there are Pinarellos. If you just can't settle for anything but the best of the best, then a Pinarello is the way to go. We stock three different models, but the Rokh, pictured above, is a great choice for those looking for comfort and performance. 2013-Masi-GranCriterium-Green 2013 Masi Gran Criterium. Was $2050, now $1695. And for the deal hunters, Masi's classic Gran Criterium is a great choice. Classic lugged-steel meets modern road bike components in a sweet and sticky green. When you are done riding it, you can smoke it. (If you have a note from you doctor.) Start test riding today!