DZR Shoes // Party Time

Print It's on like Donkey Kong! We are having a party with DZR Shoes this Friday evening. Call it a party, call it a late "Happy Hour," call it what you will. We will be there, DZR will be there, you will be there, beer will be there, and a couple of new shoes from DZR will be there -- the Pigeon and the Purp. Purps and Pigeons As you can see, the folks at DZR share our love of purple and rock doves. Seriously. DZR Shoes get better with each round of fresh rubber. If you haven't seen 'em yet, they are shoes you can wear to the bar but function like shoes you'd wear on a mountain bike ride. O yes, you can put SPD cleats in them! So come on over Friday night and get yourself a beer and a new pair of kicks. Here are the details: Where: Huckleberry Bicyceles, 1073 Market Street (under the scaffolding!) When: Friday June 21, 7:00 - 9:00 What: DZR Paaaaartay! Why: Cuz free beer isn't all that bad of an idea. Who: You, me, and DZR. See you Friday!