Dahon // Now Stocking!

dahon logo cropped We are now stocking Dahon folding bikes here at Huckleberry. Dahon, "the ride you can hide," is what a proper folding bike is all about. You can hide it in your closet. You can hide it under your pillow. You can hide it under your perm.

dahon 80s cropped I definitely miss the 80s.

Back in the day, these bikes looked like miniature versions of the Eiffel Tower. Today, Dahons are lighter aluminum bikes that are simple to fold and fun to ride. The prices on these babies aren't bad either. DahonClassicAccessoriesBrochureF

The good 'ole days. Looks like GI Joe designed their logo.

Dahon makes a ton of different models, so we've picked out a handful of models that we think make sense for the sordid streets of San Francisco. Here is a sampling: dahon_vitesse12-D7

Vitesse D7. $799.


Mu P8. $749.


Speed p8. $699.


Curve D3. $699.