Closeout Bikes // Cheap Fun

In addition to our super sweet selection of the world's smoothest brand newest 2014 bikes from Cannondale, Giant, Pinarello, Surly, Salsa, Felt, Masi, Brompton, and Handsome, we also have a radically superlative selection of ludicrously priced closeout bikes. Those are the same beautiful, new, untouched, un-ridden bikes, but they are from, y'know, last year. So to make room for the new super sweet stuff, we closeout the old bike models. Boy, I hope all that hyperbole somehow drives up traffic. C'mon SEO! So for the lucky and savvy ones, we still have a lot of great deals to be had on closeout-model bikes. Here are a few models that we are still sitting on from last year that are priced to go. "They gotta go!" Our few remaining Cannondale Evo Closeouts are INSANELY SWEET!!

2013 Cannondale SuperSix EVO with SRAM Red. Was $4000, now $2900. Sizes 58cm and 63cm.


2013 Masi Gran Criterium. Was $2070, now $1695. Sizes 51cm, 53cm, 56cm.


2013 Civia Twin City 8-Speed. Was $1000, now $795. ONE LEFT!

But those are just a couple of models that we have IN STORE. If you check out our updated closeout list, you will see that we can get A LOT of different bikes for you at closeout pricing. Take a look at the list here, and get in touch with us if you want more details.