Cannondale // Free Garmin

[slideshow]C15_CM2128_03_REP_9 C15_CM2140_02_BLU_9C15_CM2129_01_BBQ_16C15_CM2141_04_BLK_17C15_CM2132_05_CRB_35 cannondale-caad10-force-racing-edition-copy-212041-1C15_CM2024_01_BLE_9[/slideshow] Cannondale is doing a super cool promotion until the end of May that we are happy to present to you all. Purchase of either a SuperSix EVO (the world's smoothest carbon road bike) or a CAAD10 (the world's smoothest aluminum road bike) comes with a free Garmin from Cannondale. The deal is a little different depending on whether you go carbon or aluminum. IF you purchase a CAAD10, you get a Garmin Edge 200 ($129). If you purchase a SuperSix EVO, you get a Garmin Edge 510 ($329). If you're not sure what a Garmin is, well it is basically really fun toy to put on your really fun toy. It's a GPS-enabled bike computer. Both models track your GPS position as well as speed, distance, and time. The Edge 510 is a touchscreen computer with more features like compatibility with ANT+ heartrate monitors, power meters, and cadence sensors. This is one of the coolest promos we've seen from Cannondale, so if you are on the fence about getting a new road bike, now is the time to do it. It applies to any model SuperSix Evo or CAAD10, whether or not it is on our sales floor. But we do have a good representation of standard and hi-mod EVOs as well as CAAD10s on the floor.