Cannondale Di2 Bikes // Sale

di2 closeup cropped Electronic shifting is here, and it is here to stay. If you haven't tried it out yet, now is the time, because we have some great deals on your first electronic-shifting bike. We just picked up a six-pack of Cannondale road bikes with Shimano Ultegra Di2 ten-speed drivetrains: the CAAD10 and a SuperSix EVO. Just look at how smooth these bikes are: Super Six EVO SM Ultegra Di2 Cannondale's award-winning SuperSix EVO continues to crush! Now it crushes electronically. Typically this bike sells for $4,700 but now we can sell it to you for a healthy discount at $3,500. caad10 cropped This bike is ridiculous. The CAAD10 has long been the champion of aluminum race bikes, and this is the sickest model yet: the "Black, Inc." CAAD10 with Shimano Di2. Black with subtle gold touches make this bike irresistible. You probably won't see this color scheme again, so get one while the gettin' is good. These bikes originally retailed for $3,700 but now we have them for $2,700. O wow! All this talk of electronic shifting reminds me of an American classic--this is how you are going to feel when you ride home on one of these bikes: Call us or come on by and see whether we have one just for you. We are your Huckleberries!