Cannondale 2016 // Killer

FabricBottles We've already established that Huckleberry Bicycles is the World's Smoothest Cannondale Dealer. Now we're getting even smoother. The new 2016 Cannondale road bikes arrived this week, and they're smoothening up the joint. Our Smoothness knows no bounds! The 2016 Supersix Evo Hi-Mod just came in and it's looking pretty sweet. Cannondale improved upon their flagship racing bike, which is hard to imagine because the old Evo was such an awesome bike. But they did it anyway. They made a bike that's lighter, more aero, more compliant, and stiffer under power. Cannondale is calling it the "balance of power". We're calling it "killer". I took one of these puppies for an extended demo ride in the Utah desert this summer and I was impressed. Cannondale moved to a slightly stiffer, wider 73mm bottom bracket like the one they use in their Synapse Carbon models. So it's stiffer where it counts. They also switched to a 25.4mm seatpost, so it's more compliant--or smoother. Killer. To make the bike more aero, they moved one of the water bottle mounts and changed the fork. Aero is fast, and fast is... well...Killer! To top it all off, the new Supersix Evo Hi-Mod has way more tire clearance than the old Evo. So if you like big 28mm tires and fat rims, this bike is your jam. [caption id="attachment_6089" align="alignleft" width="747"] 2016 Supersix Evo Ultegra $4000[/caption] If you're looking for all of these features in a less expensive bike, then look no further! The Cannondale CAAD12 is in stock now. It's just as Killer, but a lot less expensive. You will not find a better riding aluminum road bike anywhere. This is a Cannondale dammit! Right now we have the CAAD12 105 in stock: [caption id="attachment_6091" align="alignleft" width="745"]2016 CAAD12 105 $1549 2016 CAAD12 105 $1549[/caption] We will have the Ultegra equipped model in November. [caption id="attachment_6071" align="alignleft" width="600"]2016 CAAD12 Ultegra  $2099 2016 CAAD12 Ultegra $2099[/caption] We also have new 2016 Cannondale Synapse Carbon bikes in stock. This chassis didn't change for this year. Same "Crush meets Plush" performance, but there are new models and colors. Here's what we have in stock: Synapse Carbon Ultegra 4 [caption id="attachment_6074" align="alignleft" width="600"]2016 Synapse Carbon Ultegra 4 ~ $2499 2016 Synapse Carbon Ultegra 4 ~ $2499[/caption] Synapse Carbon Ultegra 3 [caption id="attachment_6092" align="alignleft" width="756"]2016 Synapse Carbon Ultegra 3 ~ $2999 2016 Synapse Carbon Ultegra 3 ~ $2999[/caption] Synapse Women's Carbon 105 Great Color! [caption id="attachment_6076" align="alignleft" width="600"]2016 Synapse Women's Carbon 105--Great Color ~ $2099 2016 Synapse Women's Carbon 105[/caption] The Supersix Evo standard-mod frame is also unchanged. We have the Supersix Evo Ultegra 4 in stock. The only thing new here is that you can get an Ultegra equipped Evo for only $2500. Killer! [caption id="attachment_6094" align="alignleft" width="786"]2016 Supersix Evo Ultegra 4 ~ $2499 2016 Supersix Evo Ultegra 4 ~ $2499[/caption] Looking for a great price? Check out our bike closeouts page here for some great deals on last season's models. Whether you're looking for the latest and greatest, or a great deal on last year's model, we're your Huckleberry.