Cadence Collection

[slideshow] [/slideshow] Cadence Collection. Made in the USA. Founded in San Francisco. We have a lot of new apparel and accessories from Cadence on our sales floor. Like last season's offerings, the new pieces strike that great balance between technicality and stylishness. Personally, I wear Cadence to weddings. Here is a look at some of our selection: Cadence Button-up Shirts. Like all of the Cadence offerings, their button-ups allow you to ride comfortably without being restricted by your clothing. The newest shirts on our floor, the "Dulcet" and the "Reserved," are both one hundred percent cotton with backside "duck" pockets, snaps, and all the trimmings. Here is the Dulcet, $84.00, plaid-tastic. Tattoos and earplugs not required for use. And here is the Reserved, $89.00. San Francisco weather-worthy.   Cadence denim. Call it lifestyle cycling apparel or call it a great pair of pants. If you haven't tried on Cadence jeans, I highly recommend visiting our damask-lined dressing room. The offerings from Cadence are unlike any other pants on our sales floor. You can wear a pair of Cadence jeans for a week and they won't look a day old -- but they will feel better everyday. They are made with a raw denim that is mixed with 2 percent lycra. They stretch nicely while riding, and they have industrial strength. Men, if you haven't tried wearing stretchy pants, you don't know what you are missing. Cadence denim definitely have less of the reflective doohickies that we see on SWRVE or Betabrand pants. The backpatch is reflective, but that's about it. No reflective liners hiding under these pants, but hey, the you don't need to roll up your pant legs with these jeans. The fit is tight as shit. And that's why we love 'em. Raw Denim, $84.00, great price for a technical pant that you can wear out on the town. Slate Denim, $90.00, best pants I've ever owned, period. Cadence Accessories. Cadence always puts out some cool cycling accessories. Leather toe straps, cloth handlebar wrap, stows, and so on. But my favorite is the Cadence Trekker. They call it a sling bag, which I guess means that you wear it sort of like a messenger bag. But I prefer to wear it as a HUGE fanny pack. The Cadence Trekker Sling Bag, $140.00, apparently not a fanny pack. We have plenty of other Cadence pieces at the shop. Don't be shy, come on by.