Boombot Rex // Invasion Time

InvasionBeginsPosterinvadeSF On Friday, July 19th, BoomBotix invades Huckleberry Bicycles--that's us--to blast off their latest, greatest toy: the BoomBot Rex. Maverick's beer will be providing the suds, the great-haired mechanic will be providing the music, the SFBC is providing the bike valet, and we're stocking a bunch of Rex's for y'all to purchase. A little something about these amazing little pieces of technology: I can't believe how much I love this thing. I didn't really think that I would use a portable speaker so much, but ever since I got my REX, I've been crushing with it. On and off the bike, the REX sounds amazing. On my ride to work on Harrison Street, it's been all Amon Duul II, Harmonia, and Electric Sun. I mean, Uli von Roth's shredding on this song is cosmic. rex_pitch_black_5_1024x1024 Rex-Lifestyle---Shopify_1024x1024 The REX is not at all just for cyclists.  Yes you can get a handlebar mount, yes messengers wear them on their shoulder straps, but I've found that going to shred city at the beach or listening to internet radio in your car (if you don't have a bluetooth stereo) are a couple of nice non-bike things to do with you Boombot.  Obviously the list goes on and on in terms of what else you can do with these things and activities you can incorporate a little tunes into -- snowboarding, skateboarding, whatevs.   It's hard to beat something that sounds like an old boombox but is the size of a can of tuna.  Did I mention that they are water and mud resistant? Boom-Botix-Rex rex-electric-blue-gaming_1024x1024 The functionality on the REX is superb.  With the magic of bluetooth, not only do you not need wires, but you can use your REX as a speaker/microphone for you phone!  So you can take a call while you are riding your bike without the need for a headset or risking your life by grabbing your phone. boombot rex Boombotix has also moved past their original alien-esque stylings for a sleeker, less goofy looking product that resonates with more people.  Yes you can still get the original Boombot if you are into that, but the REX is a far superior piece of equipment. You can also mod the REX with customizable grill kits to add a little color to your REX. For $130, the REX is a steal -- you can browse our BoomBots for sale here. See you at the party!