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JonasPBP Still hungover from Bike to Work Day?  Too many squeaky wheels, rusty chains, or rear-end explosions can really leave you unmotivated to ever ride to work again. But down here at Huckleberry Town, we've got the cure for your hangover: a brand new bike! And, o wait, I'm pretty sure that we are having a sale that starts May 14th. And I'm also quite certain that if you live in the East Bay, we've got you covered--cuz we just opened Huckleberry Bikes in Berkeley!!! (2424 Telegraph Avenue if you are wondering.) So let me take a moment to remind you all what we are serving these days at the shop. Some brands we've had for years, yes, like Cannondale and Brompton.  But we've pulled in some new brands recently as well. foundry overland 2 Foundry. Nasty titanium beasts. This is the newest drink at the bar, and we are stoked to be serving it up. Foundry is making bikes that can do it all. We've seen the rise in popularity in bikes that can ride gravel, fire roads, paved roads, anything -- and we are making sure that we have the best of the best for you all to check out. handsome she devil Handsome. We've been stocking Handsome Bicycles for a while now.  We can't get enough of these simple, elegant commuter bikes that are not covered in logos.  When you have a Handsome, you aren't going to want to ride any other bike, for real.  They are so comfortable and so smooth--we love smooth--that nothing compares. shinola runwell Shinola. We are stoked to finally stock a made-in-America bike, Shinola! If you don't know the story, these guys are Detroit-based manufacturers who are making frames in the long-lived Waterford factory in Wisconsin.  They are without a doubt the nicest whips on the block, with classy but subtle paint jobs and excellent components.  You can't do better than a Shinola. salsa cutthroat Salsa. The only bike I ever want is a Salsa. The whole idea of "adventure by bike" is what it is all about these days. You can do anything with a Salsa.  Go bike camping, ride the Tour Divide, ride to work, or crush some Golden Gate Park trails in the middle of the night on one of their fat bikes.  Been there, done that, and holy shit it was amazing! Black Brompton Bikes Brompton. Wait a minute.  Are you telling me that you can get a fully customized bike, built to spec, with the colors you want and the gear ratio you want? Sign me up.  Brompton has been doing this for decades, and they get better and better each year. I never thought I could love a folding bike so much until I went on a date with a Brompton. Mr pink All-City. Crushing it. When Salsa discontinued the Casseroll, RIP, we picked up the All-City Space Horse as our out-of-the-box light touring bike option. It's been a great bike for our customers and we've since committed to stocking many of the bikes that All-City offers. One of my favorite models is the Mr. Pink -- great name too! It's a lightweight steel road bike with DT Swiss wheels and Sram shifters. Love it, love it, love it. And it came with a pink paint job this year! cannondale slate Cannondale. Stunning? Supercilious? Ubiquitous? I need a thesaurus to find some new words to describe Cannondale. The perennial "roadbike of the year" winner from every bike publication under the sun, Cannondale never disappoints. My first road bike was a Synapse. I borrowed it from Jonas, and I fell in love -- with the bike. Cannondale has always pushed the envelope, and 2016 hasn't disappointed. The new Slate platform is a thing to behold. masi cxgr Masi. Masi is sort of the underdog in our line-up. We've been selling their cyclocross bikes since they day we opened. The CX series keeps getting better and better. As of about a month ago, we started stocking Masi road bikes for the first time since 2012. They are back and they are rad!