Bike Fit Clinic ~ Riding Faster // Feeling Better ~ 1/19/17

Join us at Huckleberry Berkeley for a very special Bike Fit Clinic with Steve Moses.




The relatively small amount of money spent on a bicycle fitting is often the most well spent of all.

Join Steve Moses for this clinic in which he will discuss the big ideas – what are the elements of bike fit? Why is it important? What are some of the pitfalls and limitations?

10(ish) things to consider about Bike Fit.

  1. It’s damn near impossible to fit yourself on a bike.
  2. Sore knees? Aching Back? Tingling in the ol’ fingers? Bike Fit can help.
  3. Bike fit is an interdependent system. Adjusting one thing affects all the rest.
  4. The saddle is your most important contact point - make sure it’s a good one
  5. Weight distribution. No one talks about that in bike fit. Balance out the weight, have a balanced ride.
  6. Bike Fit is a conversation between your habits and the bike.
  7. Static and Dynamic measurements are different. Look at both.
  8. You’re not a machine, stop thinking you can reduce your performance to simple metrics.
  9. Everyone has asymmetry in their body. Be wise about when it’s appropriate to compensate.
  10. Happy Feet/Happy Knees come from the appropriate relationship between pedal-cleat-shoe-foot-knee-hip.
  11. Your posture off the bike is your posture on the bike.

A proper fitting will provide the proper ballance of comfort and power.

Outside of performing our bike fits and managing Huckleberry Berkeley, Steve teaches the Alexander Technique and Functional Movement Integration. His clients range from desk dwellers concerned with posture, movers (athletes, dancers, yogis) looking to do what they do better, those in the midst of surgical recovery (hip/knee/shoulder), and one of the most common being those who have exhausted traditional approaches to pain management (tendonitis, low back, scoliosis, RSI, etc). For the past 8 years he has combined his unique background in the AT and FMI with bike fit – this allows Steve to approach a traditionally bio-mechanical process from an integrated perspective.


Attendees will receive a 20% discount on their next fitting.

~ Beer will be provided ~

Details: Thursday 1/19, 7pm at Huckleberry Bicycles Berkeley

2424 Telegraph Avenue

“(Steve) is very knowledgeable about the way the body moves… he’s not focused too tightly on a single metric, but the entire body positioning as a whole. This really does show in how the bike feels after the fit. I feel more comfortable and more in control, which is huge. It’s also been a blessing for my back.â€

—Sean C

“I did the rookie move of getting a bike fit the day before a big race, but Steve’s adjustments were right on and my entire body adapted to it quickly and naturally, leading to a great performance at my race. I trust him to make adjustments on my bike that will make me faster and move better. I love riding my bike even more because it fits, thanks to Steve.â€


“I’m a below-knee amputee and use a prosthesis.  I ride a bike just like anyone with two legs, but with some unique biomechanics that have made it tiring and painful to do long rides… Steve spent an hour adjusting my cycling shoes and my bike to fit me better.  He was awesome and it worked:  I'm riding faster, more comfortably and getting more power from both legs. I'm grateful for the time and expertise.â€

—Steve K.

“I had been experiencing full right leg/foot numbness and knee pain on bike rides over 10mi.  After doing some research. I decided to schedule a professional fitting with Steve.  As a woman entering a bike shop, I often brace myself to be either ignored or mansplained.  Steve was extremely friendly, helpful, welcoming, and respectful.  After spending an hour+ making adjustments, I feel much more comfortable on my bike and more excited than ever to ride.  Well worth the time and money.â€

—Emily T.

“After a few hundred miles on my new bike, it was time for a few fit adjustments. I came to the shop and Steve worked patiently with me to figure out what was going on and which adjustments should be made. His guidance and expertise has been invaluable. I have a greater awareness of how my body and bike work together, and really owe it all to him for being so comfortable on my bike day in and day out.

—Madeline F.

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